About Us


Komodo Cash is Asia’s first Receivables online auction platform. Having recognized the opportunity to assist companies and small and medium-sized entities (SMEs) with access to digital invoicing and negotiation services through the TBXONE Unified Commerce Platform, we have developed Komodo Cash to provide potential value-added funding liquidity to TBXONE Unified Commerce Platform suppliers via the sale of their receivables to buyers.

Meet the Founders

Terbit Financial Technology, we are in innovative financial technology (FINTECH), a company with big ambitions and offering six unique propositions; (1) a deep expertise in financial supply chain collaboration, (2) run a state-of-the-art technology platform (3) a sustainable and large business-to-business network, (4) deep expertise in financing and restructuring (5) providing easy access to financing and last but not least (6) access to global  funding network through our financing partner Dragon Capital

One leading partner in financial services is Dragon Capital Group, an integrated investment group of firms centered on emerging financial markets. With a joint venture initiative between Dragon Capital and Terbit, we developed the Komodo Cash app on TBXONE. With this, suppliers easily access finance for their invoices.

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